Fishing on Lake Havasu - Nautical Watersports
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Fishing on Lake Havasu

Fishing on Lake Havasu

Who knew that Lake Havasu was one of the premier fishing lakes in the southwest?! Not me!!  I mean I knew people fished on Lake Havasu I guess I just didn’t realize how lucky we all were to be able to do so.  Lake Havasu offers fishing for people interested in catching a largemouth bass, striped bass, blue gill, redear sunfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish!  Fishing on Lake Havasu means plenty of fish and big fish!

One of the best parts of fishing on Lake Havasu is that you can pretty much fish here all year long!  Brave the summer crowds and heat by fishing in the early mornings or evenings at sunset.  Makes for pretty scenery while hauling in some fish!  All fall and winter long the weather is perfect for fishing on Lake Havasu.  Cool days and calm waters make for the perfect fishing days!  Thats perfect weather for cruising through the more than 450 miles of lake shoreline on Lake Havasu.

Although Lake Havasu forms the border between Arizona and California, all Arizona lakes require you have an Arizona fishing license.  You can purchase an Arizona fishing license from bait and tackle shops or online at the Arizona Game & Fish Department website.

There are three protected endangered species of fish in Lake Havasu.  The razorback sucker, flannelmouth sucker, round tail chub and bonytail chub are protected in Lake Havasu so if you accidentally catch one of these fishes just release them back into the lake and on their way!

In 1992 the Lake Havasu Fisheries Improvement Program started and has since continued working on and sustaining the fishing environment in Lake Havasu.  Over 42 coves throughout Lake Havasu have fish habitats built and maintained to protect the fish and help them flourish for years to come.  With help from the Bureau of Land Management and many volunteers this is one of the largest and most successful fish habitat projects in the United States.

Here in Lake Havasu City we are passionate about our lake and our environment.  Lucky for all you avid fisherman out there!  Happy and safe fishing!