Jet Ski Rentals in Lake Havasu Arizona located on the water.
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Jet Ski Rentals Lake Havasu

Experience the Thrill of our Personal Watercraft Rentals

For a fast fun personal experience on the water

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If you have a more stimulating experience in mind then enjoy an exhilarating ride through the Colorado river on your own Lake Havasu Jet Ski Rentals!


Whether you’re a Lake Havasu Jet Ski pro or a beginner seeking to get out on a Jet Ski for the first time, we’ve got some tips for Jet Ski rentals in Lake Havasu that will make your experience a memorable one. All Jet Ski rental locations require renters to wear a proper life jacket that should be included as part of your rental.


Plan Your Lake Havasu Jet Ski Rental in Advance

Check with local marinas before your trip on the river so that your Jet Ski will be waiting for you when you arrive. Ask about the cost to rent a Jet Ski by the day, a half day or by the hour. Many Jet Ski rental locations charge by the hour but you often can get a deal for a half- or a full-day.


Jet Ski Rental Requirements

Jet Ski rental operators are required to provide certain items as part of a rental agreement. Always make sure your Lake Havasu Jet ski rental provider:

  • Provides pre-rental instructions on the operation of the Jet Ski
  • Provides an on-the-water demonstration
  • Displays Jet Ski safety information in a visible place on the Jet Ski


Jet Ski Do’s and Don’ts


  • Ask if a lesson is included in the rental price so you’re comfortable before you head out on your river adventure.
  • Ask what the rental age requirement is for Jet Ski rentals. Many rental operators require a valid driver’s license and won’t allow anyone under the age of 25 to ride a rental Jet Ski.
  • Have a great and safe time.


  • Jump the wakes of passing boats
  • Drive too close to passing boats
  • Capsize the Jet Ski and flood the engine.
Whether you’re a Jet Ski pro or a beginner seeking to get out on a Jet Ski in Lake Havasu for the first time, we’ve got the Jet Skis and friendly staff that will make your experience memorable.

Jet Ski Life Jackets are required at all times

All Lake Havasu Jet Ski rental locations require renters to wear a proper life jackets. The Jet Ski operator must also attach the cutoff switch lanyard to his or her clothing or on the life jacket. This string mechanism shuts off the Jet Ski engine if you fall off the Jet Ski while riding.


Tips for More Experienced Jet Ski Riders

If you are comfortable on your Jet Ski rental and feeling adventurous take a partner with you on a longer excursion.


Keep Track of your Time When Renting Jet Skis

Returning your Jet Ski rental late often means you are charged for another full hour or whatever stipulation is listed in your rental agreement. Be mindful of the time.


Jet Skis cannot be operated from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise, even if they are equipped with lights, because it’s too hard for boaters to see them during this time.


Jet Ski Rentals located on the water!


Nautical Watersports Jet Ski rentals are conveniently located on the water in beautiful Lake Havasu City Arizona. Would you rather lounge on the shore like hundreds of other tourists or experience the waters of the Colorado River in a fun and exciting way? Add a spark of adventure to your visit and explore all of what Lake havasu has to offer. Weather you are looking to explore the Topock Gorge, view the London Bridge or just dash around for the speed and thrills of riding a Jet Ski in Lake Havasu City Arizona we have a large fleet of rentals to choose from.

Request a reservation by calling us at 928.855.7000.

We always strive to offer the latest in high performance jet ski rentals. Our large fleet of new rental jet skis/waverunners insures availability at even peak times. Brand new equipment means not only a great safe ride but a terrific ride as well!!


  • New Jet Ski fleet (latest models)!
  • Large fleet of performance Jet Ski’s!
  • New and quality life vests(personal flotation devices)!
  • Personal Jet Ski orientation classes to ensure your safe and fun filled ride!
  • Minimum rental for one hour and you can extend you fun by a half hour or more……!


As the leaders of Jet Ski rentals in the Lake Havasu Arizona area, we pride ourselves on always staying up to date with the latest and most innovative equipment. Maintaining the newest and best equipment ensures that all of our valued guests will have a safe and high-performance ride.


Safety is our number one priority, and we take several preventative measures to make sure our guests have a safe and enjoyable ride. Top of the line life vests (personal flotation devices) are issued to each of our patrons. Also, we have a personal Jet Ski orientation class to educate you on the necessary safety precautions that one must use while on the water. Please be sure to continually check our website for special offers and promotions. If you have any questions about our renting procedures or safety measures, please contact us.