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th - Renting a boat on Lake Havasu

Renting a boat on Lake Havasu

Have you ever been to Lake Havasu? Have you ever rented a boat on Lake Havasu? It is an awesome spot to spend your spring, summer, heck even your winters!  We pretty much have great weather all year round.  That’s one of the beauties of living here in Lake Havasu.  The best way to spend your time in our gorgeous city is on the lake.  And if you don’t have your own boat, don’t worry, […]


Pumpkin Patchin’

Besides cooler weather and back to school, October and November bring a couple of amazing things to fall.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are obviously at the top of the list but in addition to holidays, October and November bring warm apple cider or hot chocolate and if you’re lucky, Pumpkin Patches.  Pumpkin Patches are so fun for kids of all ages (yes i mean 1-92)… On October 24th and 25th the Lake Havasu Professional Firefighers Association […]

Screen Shot 2014 01 06 at 4.57.50 PM 370x250 - Havasu Boat Rentals

Havasu Boat Rentals

If a visit to Lake Havasu City is in your crystal ball this summer, then getting out on the lake for some good times definitely needs to be a part of the plan. You and your friends have been dreaming of this weekend all year, and the Nautical Watersports Center can help make that dream a reality. Offering premeir Lake Havasu Boat Rentals, the Nautical Watersports Center is conveniently located steps away from the Nautical […]

Boat Rentals Lake Havsu

Selecting a Lake Havasu Boat Rental Service Provider

Although buying your own vessel comes with its own advantages, to rent a vessel -boat rental is relatively more convenient and affordable. One of the hardest decisions you have to make when renting a boat is to select the most suitable boat rental service provider. So, what should you look for when choosing a suitable one? Since there are so many vessel renting companies offering similar services, it can be overwhelming to choose the right […]

Unknown4 - Fishing on Lake Havasu

Fishing on Lake Havasu

Who knew that Lake Havasu was one of the premier fishing lakes in the southwest?! Not me!!  I mean I knew people fished on Lake Havasu I guess I just didn’t realize how lucky we all were to be able to do so.  Lake Havasu offers fishing for people interested in catching a largemouth bass, striped bass, blue gill, redear sunfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish!  Fishing on Lake Havasu means plenty of fish and […]

1557570 729635670422541 7433487045078773451 n 370x250 - The Turtle Grill

The Turtle Grill

Whether you’re staying at The Nautical Inn Resort on the island or in Lake Havasu City, good food is a must when your spending your days on the water.  We’ve covered our fair share of delicious food places in town but with glorious summer days ahead eating on the water seems more perfect than ever.  The Turtle Grill is just about as close as you can be to the water without actually eating in the […]

Lake Havasu Boat Races 370x250 - Ken Smith Memorial Boat Race

Ken Smith Memorial Boat Race

As we turn the corner into summer, the Lake Havasu City temperatures are sure to be in hot pursuit. However, more summer weather means more reasons to spend a day on beautiful Lake Havasu. May is full of events that give you and the family a good reason to dedicate a weekend to relaxing by the water. For those who like to experience a thrill, Lucas Oil is sponsoring the Ken Smith Memorial Drag Boat […]

Lake Havasu Bassmaster Tournament 370x250 - Lake Havasu City Bassmaster Tournament

Lake Havasu City Bassmaster Tournament

Lake Havasu plays host to an array of events including the World Jet Ski Championships, movie productions, and spring break events. However, some very interesting and fun occasions that often get overlooked are the numerous competitive fishing tournaments. The Lake Havasu venue is so lucrative and enticing for fishing tournament organizers that this weekend it will host the San Diego Bassmaster Tournament.  This San Diego club sponsors ten fishing tournaments per year with six in-county […]

Lake Havasu City Bluegrass Music Festival 370x250 - Lake Havasu City Bluegrass Music Festival

Lake Havasu City Bluegrass Music Festival

Spring weather is upon us! The 6th Annual Bluegrass on the Beach Music Festival is the perfect event for all ages to welcome the new season. The event will be held at State Park across the channel Friday through Sunday. The event begins at 10 a.m. each day and will continue until 6:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, but will end at 5 p.m. Sunday. Instead of having to travel back and forth across the London […]

Lake Havasu City London Bridge 370x250 - Lake Havasu City London Bridge

Lake Havasu City London Bridge

The iconic Lake Havasu City London Bridge attracts thousands of visitors every year to peer over its edge into the calming waters of Lake Havasu. The London Bridge is marvelous structure, and many wonder about how it arrived to the city of Lake Havasu. The original London Bridge, made famous by its cameo in the “My Fair Lady” song, was constructed nearly 800 years ago in London! Before it graced the waters of Lake Havasu, […]