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Nautical Watersports boat rentals are the best way to enjoy your day with all of your friends and family, cruising the calm waters of Lake Havasu. Being one of the top boating lakes in Arizona, Lake Havasu has many aquatic activities you can enjoy. Our boat rentals are located right on the water for your convenience. Choose from our line of boats to fulfill all your boating needs. Enjoy a more laid back ride in
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Have you ever been to Lake Havasu? Have you ever rented a boat on Lake Havasu? It is an awesome spot to spend your spring, summer, heck even your winters!  We pretty much have great weather all year round.  That’s one of the beauties of living here in Lake Havasu.  The best way to spend your time in our gorgeous city is on the lake.  And if you don’t have your own boat, don’t worry,
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Spring break is just around the corner.  March kicks off the start and weekend after weekend spring breakers will flood to Lake Havasu City to soak up some sun and fun.  If you are spending your spring break in Lake Havasu City this year here are some ideas of places to go and things to do! Chicos Tacos is a perfect place to eat over spring break.  Its quick and easy and delicious mexican food.
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YouTube has a special place in my heart these days.  It’s full of videos to satisfy any want…funny, sad, musical..I have recently became more of a YouTube watcher as I fill my moments of boredom with beauty bloggers, new music videos, or those funny clips where they take NFL players and put fake words in their mouth.  Those always crack me up. One cool part of YouTube is if you miss your favorite television show,
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Happy Halloween friends!! Hopefully you’ve already got your costumes ready to go and are just awaiting the witching hour!! Or if you’re like me, you’re still trying to figure out what to throw together for this evening!  Either way, it’s a fun day for it is Halloween!!! Some things going on in Lake Havasu City tonight: The 10th Annual Main Street Halloween Fight Night is happening on McCulloch tonight!  The party starts at 5pm and
Besides cooler weather and back to school, October and November bring a couple of amazing things to fall.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are obviously at the top of the list but in addition to holidays, October and November bring warm apple cider or hot chocolate and if you’re lucky, Pumpkin Patches.  Pumpkin Patches are so fun for kids of all ages (yes i mean 1-92)… On October 24th and 25th the Lake Havasu Professional Firefighers Association
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Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, after all it is the most important meal of the day.  Breakfast starts your day off so why not start your day off the right way.  Some people are egg people, some people are more pancake kinda people.  Me, personally, it depends on what kind of mood I’m in.   Lets go over some great breakfast places in Lake Havasu City. Classic Burger.  I know Classic Burger doesn’t
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Halloween is fast approaching.  One of the events in Lake Havasu City in celebration of fall and Halloween is the 2015 Fall Fun Fair.  The 2015 Fall Fun Fair is held at Rotary Park from 3pm- 8pm and promises to be a great time for the family.  Admission to the Fall Fun Fair is free and tickets for games are only $00.25.   It’s such a great way to spend the day with the kiddos,
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So many good movies are coming out on DVD this fall.  I am such a movie person, I love everything about the movies.  Popcorn, cold dark theaters, comfy seats, and a great flick…but watching your favorite DVD’s at home has it’s perks too.  You can have endless snacks of your choice, pause the movie for bathroom breaks, and watch and re-watch at your leisure.  Since I didn’t make it to the movies a ton this
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When I was growing up in Lake Havasu City we weren’t lucky enough to have a mall.  We usually drove the 2 hours to Las Vegas or the 3 hours to Phoenix to do any shopping.  Which was fine, it was always nice to get out of town for the day.  When I was away at college Lake Havasu City was lucky enough to add a mall to our little lake town.  It’s not huge
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