FAQ - Nautical Watersports
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Common Questions

Find answers to common questions when renting a boat


What time does the boat have to be returned by?

All of our boats are required to be back to our docks by 5:30 p.m.  Unless you have rented the boat for multiple days. Then it is up to you whether to return it by 5:30 p.m. for us to secure or to keep the boat at a location of your choice.

When can I pick up the boat?

Typically for a full day rental the boat can be picked up at 9am. If you would like to pick the boat up earlier then arrangements can be made.

Will I need to fuel the boat during the day?

For a full days rental you should not have to refuel, but that also depends on how far you have gone and how fast you’ve been driving.

Do I have to re-fuel the boat prior to returning it?

No. Just bring the boat back to our dock and we will fill it up for you.

Do I have to launch and trailer the boat?

No. The boat will be conveniently waiting for you in a slip, on the water… No hassles.

Can we keep the boat overnight?

Yes. You can reserve a boat for multiple days, which allows you to keep the boat at a location of your choice, including our own docks, for each night that you have the boat.

Where can I go on the lake?

Wherever you would like to go.  We will provide you with a map during our orientation at the time of your departure that covers all of the coves that our lake has to offer along with our own personal recommendations.

What do I need bring for a boat or jet-ski rental?

For boat rentals, the desert, sun and water tend to make everyone extra hungry and thirsty! So lots water a snacks are a must. The usual lake essentials (towels, sunscreen, hats) is a great idea as well. Some people bring beach chairs, floats, fishing rods and more. Just be sure to save room on the boat for the people!

I have little to no boating experience, am I able to rent a boat?

Yes. As long as you bring identification you can rent a boat. We will guide you through the operation of the vessel, lake laws and regulations, as well as safety tips so you feel comfortable.


Do I need a special license to drive the boat?

No.  A special license is not required in order to drive one of our rental boats.


Is there a fee for being late?

Yes. We do charge a fee for being late but will also allow a 15min grace period.

Why do I have to put down a security deposit?

A security deposit is required for all of our vessels to ensure they are taken care of while they are in your possession. You are responsible for any damages that occur to the vessel while it is in your possession. Your security deposit will be released in full upon return given the boat is in the same condition it was in prior to your departure.

Why would I be charged for a prop?

We ONLY charge for a prop if you or someone you allow to drive the boat damages the prop. We send all of our boats out with new or like new props. If a prop is damaged we replace it.

Can I pay cash for my security deposit?

Yes. Cash is an acceptable form of payment. We also accept all major credit cards.