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Unknown4 - Fishing on Lake Havasu

Fishing on Lake Havasu

Who knew that Lake Havasu was one of the premier fishing lakes in the southwest?! Not me!!  I mean I knew people fished on Lake Havasu I guess I just didn’t realize how lucky we all were to be able to do so.  Lake Havasu offers fishing for people interested in catching a largemouth bass, striped bass, blue gill, redear sunfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish!  Fishing on Lake Havasu means plenty of fish and […]

Lake Havasu Bassmaster Tournament 370x250 - Lake Havasu City Bassmaster Tournament

Lake Havasu City Bassmaster Tournament

Lake Havasu plays host to an array of events including the World Jet Ski Championships, movie productions, and spring break events. However, some very interesting and fun occasions that often get overlooked are the numerous competitive fishing tournaments. The Lake Havasu venue is so lucrative and enticing for fishing tournament organizers that this weekend it will host the San Diego Bassmaster Tournament.  This San Diego club sponsors ten fishing tournaments per year with six in-county […]