Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival - Nautical Watersports
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Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival

Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival

What’s that up in the air? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival! That’s right everybody, the 4th annual Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival kicks off on January 17th. Travel across the London Bridge to experience the amazing air scenery taking place through the 19th. Over the last three years, the Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival has been a huge success in the community. The festival and fair provides a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

In addition to hot air balloons that will be flying high over the city, the Lake Havasu City Balloon festival also incorporates tons of different activities into the event! Tons of live entertainment throughout all three days of the festival provides your ears with pleasant music that will complement the stimulating visuals the hot air balloons will provide your eyes. For those animal lovers out there, experience some excitement by watching the fun and competitive dog frisbee show. In addition to music and the canine competitions, there will be all sorts of events ranging from belly dancing face-offs to rides in the hot air balloons that will be on display. The Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival Schedule of Events provides detailed information about times and locations.

While all these events may be peaking your eagerness to attend the Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival, perhaps the greatest way to experience the amazing sights the festival has to offer is by renting a pontoon boat from the Nautical Watersports Center, conveniently located just minutes in walking distance away from the festival. Instead of witnessing the waters of Lake Havasu in the background while viewing the balloons from land, have lunch on a beautiful pontoon boat rental while you enjoy the relaxing lake atmosphere and beautiful weather.

The Nautical Watersports Center’s Pontoon Rental Boats  comfortably sit up to ten people so you can bring the whole gang! Listen to your own music while you view the balloons with the great stereo systems equipped with a mp3 hook up for your iPod or phone. The pontoon boats also feature bimini tops for shade so you can be cool and comfortable while you enjoy the Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival from the water. The Nautical Watersports Center’s Pontoon Boats are very easy to handle in order to cruise around the lake to obtain the best views the Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival has to offer! With the event just days away, make sure to visit the Nautical Watersports Center’s Pontoon Boat Rental Page soon in order to reserve the perfect pontoon boat for the festival!