Lake Havasu City Fireworks - Nautical Watersports
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Lake Havasu City Fireworks

Lake Havasu City Fireworks

One of the most exciting weekends to be a part of in Lake Havasu City is the 4th of July. Many good times are happening on the lake during this time, all supplemented by the magic of some Lake Havasu City fireworks. These exciting events are still more than five months away. But wait! There is good news! The 25th annual Western Winter Blast Pyrotechnic Show is taking place this weekend!

The Western Pyrotechnic Association will be providing Lake Havasu City with an amazing firework display this Presidents’ Weekend. Starting with casual displays on Wednesday, the events will ramp up and eventually the clear night skies will be a kaleidoscope of Lake Havasu City fireworks! The aerial display will be launching from Sara Park located on the outskirts of the southern side of town. A special charity event and gathering will be taking place at the Rodeo Grounds at SARA Park every day of the event (Thursday-Sunday) starting around 7:30 p.m. Among the festivities will be a Beer Garden in order to help fund-raise for local children.

The Rodeo Grounds event will definitely be something to check out during one day of the Lake Havasu City firework extravaganza, but there is an awesome way to incorporate the atmosphere of Lake Havasu into your experience. Why not rent a pontoon boat from the Nautical Watersports Center to enjoy the warm weather before viewing the Lake Havasu City fireworks? Firework pre-shows begin at 3:00 p.m. so you and your party may even be able to experience a firework display from the lake! The 25th annual Western Winter Blast is a great opportunity to plan a weekend filled with memorable experiences!

Any weekend with Lake Havasu City fireworks is bound to be a great weekend. Partner this event with great service from the Nautical Watersports Center and experience the lake with friends and family. If you are interested in having a good time on the lake before the Western Winter Blast, please visit our pontoon boat rental page.