YouTube has a special place in my heart these days.  It’s full of videos to satisfy any want…funny, sad, musical..I have recently became more of a YouTube watcher as I fill my moments of boredom with beauty bloggers, new music videos, or those funny clips where they take NFL players and put fake words in their mouth.  Those always crack me up.

One cool part of YouTube is if you miss your favorite television show, or you miss an interview or whatever the case may be, you can most likely find it on YouTube.  Case in point, recently an The View had a guest on that I wanted to see them interview.  And I don’t mind saying that normally I HATE THE VIEW but I was making an exception to see this guest.  That day of course I totally forgot to tune in or record the episode.  Lucky for me The View has a YouTube channel where they post clips from the show.  I would have loved to see the whole episode instead of an edited clip on their YouTube channel, but hey sometimes you take what you can get.  It just makes YouTube extremely convenient.

Have you seen Adele’s new music video for her new song Hello???  If you haven’t you must go to YouTube right this second and watch it.  There is a reason it broke Taylor Swifts record for most views in the first week (or something like that)  IT IS SOOO GOOD.  I go through phases where I’m all about watching music videos and then phases when I don’t really care but this video is so cool and different how they did it and plus I’m obsessed with her song.

Did you know people make their living off of YouTube channels?? It’s amazing to me and I wish I would have known that was a thing because I mean doesn’t that sound like a bomb job.  Some of these people make a lot of money too…like millions.  Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorites.  She is a professional make up artist and does tutorials and hauls…I just love watching her as she is super entertaining and knows what she’s doing.

Okay I’ve rambled enough but I just thought I should share all my new YouTube discoveries lately!! What do you like to watch on YouTube!!??

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