You can find me at Sephora

Unknown 12 - You can find me at Sephora

Sephora is my new obsession…end of blog.


Just kidding, but really you guys what does Sephora not have?!?! The correct answer is nothing…because Sephora has EVERYTHING!! Sephora is your go to (or if it’s not it should be) for anything and everything beauty.  Sephora has make up, skincare, hair products, hair tools, make up tools, nail polish, name it or need it, it’s there.  The thing I love about Sephora is they have brands that I have never heard of.  Brands that I probably otherwise would never find or think to use.  It’s great because it really helps you to step outside your box and try things you normally wouldn’t…and then end up loving them!

Sephora also has featured items and kits.  Kits are great because it allows you to try new brands out without committing to full size products.  Brand products usually complement each other so kits are also great because they allow you to try the whole line.

Sephora also has a great mens section. They have great men’s brands like Jack Black and also the new Men’s Clarisonic.   Sephora has a huge selection or men’s shaving essentials and cologne.  It’s such a one stop shop.

I absolutely love that I can walk into Sephora and grab everything I need in one spot.  That’s the best part.  Throughout the store they have Sephora favorite sections so all Sephora’s favorite mascara for example in one spot.  It’s awesome for when you’re wanting to try something new!

The next brand I am looking forward to trying at Sephora is Cover FX.  I haven’t known about this brand for very long but it’s vegan, free of talc, parabens, gluten, mineral oil, and fragrances.  Its formulated for sensitive skin and formulated with ingredients to help skin repair itself and look its best.  I think when I’m in need of foundation I’ll be trying Cover FX.

Again, thats what I love about Sephora…always something new!  Oh and I forgot to mention there is a Sephora in the JC Penney at the Lake Havasu Mall!! Happy Shopping!

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