Wet Brush

Unknown - Wet Brush

Have you ever heard of The Wet Brush?? I hadn’t either until recently.  Now it’s the only thing I can brush my hair with.  It is literally the best brush I have ever used in my whole life.  Better yet The Wet Brush is designed specifically for wet hair (although it does a great job on dry hair too).  It is specifically designed to detangle and get knots out of wet hair without breaking it and pulling your hair out.  It doesn’t tug on hair, it glides right through.  I thought I was going to be disappointed when I used it because I had really high expectations…but I wasn’t, I was very very impressed.

The Wet Brush’s Intelliflex bristles very thing, strong, and flexible.  The flexibility helps the bristles to glide through hair and detangle without pulling and tugging on hairs.  The Softips at the top of the bristles stimulate the scalp and helps circulation at the hair follicle.  The Wet Brush can be used on wet or dry hair as well as extensions and wigs.

The Wet Brush also comes in “Squirt” size.  This tiny size brush packs the same punch as the full size but in a tiny size perfect for your purse or kids! The Wet Brush also makes a brush specifically for shine.  The Shine Brush is made with Mongolian Boar and Intelliflex bristles work to evenly distribute your natural hair oil throughout each strand making your hair smooth and shiny.

The Wet Brush not only comes in a “Squirt” size but it comes in a paddle brush too! The Paddle Brush has the same effect as The Wet Brush just with a bigger brush head and therefore greater detangling power.  The Baby Brush is designed specifically for babies and their sensitive scalps.  The Baby Brush is made of superfine bristles to gently but effectively tame your babies head.

I am obsessed with The Wet Brush and just had to share my love of it with you! Try it you won’t be disappointed!

favicon - Wet Brush