The Turtle Grill - Nautical Watersports
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The Turtle Grill

The Turtle Grill

Whether you’re staying at The Nautical Inn Resort on the island or in Lake Havasu City, good food is a must when your spending your days on the water.  We’ve covered our fair share of delicious food places in town but with glorious summer days ahead eating on the water seems more perfect than ever.  The Turtle Grill is just about as close as you can be to the water without actually eating in the water.  I mean we are talking mere steps away from the water.

When you walk in to The Turtle Grill you will literally feel like you aren’t in Arizona anymore.  Huge palm trees, white sand and gorgeous wood tables and bar set the scene for your evening..or lunch too!  Now let’s talk a couple MUST HAVES while you’re at The Turtle Grill…Bloody Mary anyone? What about a Bloody Mary with a little bacon added?!  Seriously, who doesn’t love bacon added to just about anything.  Definitely worth a try.  Did we mention The Turtle Grill is kinda famous for their Turtle Buckets?  This giant iced bucket of goodness is served with multiple straws so you and your group can enjoy together.  Turtle Buckets come in a variety of flavors, just check out “The Bucket List”.

So we’ve just about covered the drinks now lets move along to the food.  The Turtle Grill has something for everyone.  AND they have some amazing daily specials.  Sundays means an ala carte brunch special (who doesn’t want to have brunch right on the water?), Mondays is a bucket of fried chicken, Tuesdays bring you all you can eat Italian (love all you can eats), Wednesdays offers chili and chowder, Thursday, again, is all you can eat Italian (they must really love their Italian food at The Turtle Grill), Fridays is snow crab, and last but not least Saturday nights is surf and turf.  So pick your favorite food then pick a night and hit The Turtle Grill.

I’m pretty sure they have breakfast too!  Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.  No matter what time of day you decide to mosey off the water and onto the sand at The Turtle Grill have a Turtle Bucket for me!