The Good Dinosaur

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Today is the day people!!! The Disney Pixar masterpiece The Good Dinosaur is out on Blue-Ray DVD and Digital HD.  I am so excited about this as is my kidlet! We have been waiting for months to be able to enjoy The Good Dinosaur at home!  And again TODAY is the day The Good Dinosaur is available to take home.  Kids everywhere rejoice!

The Good Dinosaur is about a dino named Arlo.  Arlo is the last to hatch of his siblings and as the baby of the family he has yet to make his mark.  In The Good Dinosaur, Arlo falls into a river and ends up hundreds of miles away from home.  He is forced to make the journey home on his own when he meets an unlikely friend Spot.  Spot helps Arlo to realize things about himself he never knew! Arlo is able to overcome his fears and become the dinosaur he was always meant to be!

The Good Dinosaur is full of fun and adventure and of course life lessons!  It is a colorful, enchanting movie with amazing pictures about a magical time.  My little kidlet has shown such an interest in dinosaurs and I am so excited for her to see The Good Dinosaur.

Gotta love Disney Pixar movies and their life lessons.  They are just adorable and The Good Dinosaur is no exception.  The Good Dinosaur is out on Digital HD, DVD, and Blue-Ray today!


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