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Chicago Grill

Good news for all of us hot dog lovers, Chicago Grill has opened it’s second location in Lake Havasu City.  Now, Chicago Grill has quickly become one of my favorite places to eat in Lake Havasu.  It’s a chill, casual atmosphere.  The food is always good…and I mean always! The staff is super friendly (and they always add in an extra onion ring or two for me).  And now you don’t have to drive out […]

PapaLeonesExt 370x250 - Papa Leone's Pizza

Papa Leone’s Pizza

In our last post we introduced you to some amazing places to eat in Lake Havasu City.  A lot of them were places you may not know about unless you spent some time exploring!  Papa Leone’s Pizza is one of those special places unique to Lake Havasu. Easily accessible while you’re on the water, Papa Leone’s Pizza is the perfect place to grab food while out on the lake.  Delicious pizza isn’t the only thing […]

Lake Havasu City Fireworks - 4th of July in Lake Havasu

4th of July in Lake Havasu

Every year about this time families gather in Thompson Bay to celebrate our nations Independence Day!  As the sun goes down over beautiful Lake Havasu the sky lights up with the most gorgeous display of fireworks.  Spending 4th of July in Lake Havasu has been a tradition in my family since I can remember.  We would take the boat out early and find the prime firework watching spot on the lake and wait for the […]