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When I was growing up in Lake Havasu City we weren’t lucky enough to have a mall.  We usually drove the 2 hours to Las Vegas or the 3 hours to Phoenix to do any shopping.  Which was fine, it was always nice to get out of town for the day.  When I was away at college Lake Havasu City was lucky enough to add a mall to our little lake town.  It’s not huge […]

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Back to school…

It’s that time of year…Fall (well almost) time in the rest of the country means cooler temperatures and friday night lights but when you live in Arizona fall still means you have a couple more months of hot temperatures.  But we still have the Friday night lights and all the other great stuff that comes with back to school.  Lets get down to my favorite places to shop for back to school. Target.  Target is […]



Back to school means fall…and fall means shopping…which means a new season of clothes at department stores.  Dillard’s came to Lake Havasu City years ago and Lake Havasuvians rejoiced.  Before the mall opened and brought with it Dillards, Las Vegas was the closest shopping spot.  So needless to say we were all very happy when Dillard’s came to town. Not only do I enjoy the clothing, but theres nothing like a department store perfume counter […]