Summer Recipes

Its mid July and the weather is heating up.  We’ve talked boats, bikinis, boardshorts and some restaurants…Now lets talk some summer recipes that you can make on your own.  These summer recipes you can enjoy on the boat or on the beach no matter the temperature.

My first and most favorite summer recipe is a super refreshing drink I think I found out about on Pinterest.  It’s a watermelon lime drink and it is literally the most refreshing thing there ever was.  Now the ingredients are…wait for it…watermelon and lime blended together (I like to use a nutribullet).  I know it’s so easy it sounds stupid and I wouldn’t have thought to put those two ingredients together.  But I’m telling you this has been my go to summer recipe drink.  I’m sure it wouldn’t taste half bad with a shot (or two) of your favorite alcohol!

Turkey Burgers are my go to summer dinner.  They are filling enough but light enough at the same time.  Turkey burgers can be grilled early and saved or grilled on the boat for a nice fresh burger.  I like to top mine with pineapple slices, lettuce, add a little mayo and avocado to complete the deliciousness.  My favorite side for this is (drumroll please) WATERMELON! I could literally eat watermelon with every meal in the summer time.  It goes with just about everything.  Now barbecuing on the boat takes a little more prep time but it can be totally worth it!

Snacks are maybe the most important meal of a lake day.  Chips are always a favorite (Fritos and Bean Dip is my personal fave).  Watermelon (again, I know…Ill stop), lunchables are always easy, pb &j’s… I mean I could go on and on it just depends on your mood or prep level! And these aren’t necessarily Summer “recipes”  BUT I’m going to be honest I’m not that great of a cook sooooo if you’re the same way and it’s easier (and possibly safer for those joining you) to eat out while out on the water…revert back to my blog where we discussed Scotty’s Chicken! You can thank me later!

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