Spring Break 2016

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Spring break is just around the corner.  March kicks off the start and weekend after weekend spring breakers will flood to Lake Havasu City to soak up some sun and fun.  If you are spending your spring break in Lake Havasu City this year here are some ideas of places to go and things to do!

Chicos Tacos is a perfect place to eat over spring break.  Its quick and easy and delicious mexican food.  Who doesn’t LOVE mexican food after a day spent on the water or on the beach.  Chicos Tacos is located right across the bridge up the street to the left, you can’t miss it.  It is so yummy and the perfect place to eat while on spring break.  And its inexpensive too (which is always nice)!

Paddleboarding is such  fun spring break activity and it can break up your day on the beach.  Do it solo or with friends.  You can rent a paddle board at the Nauctial Water Sports Center right on The Naucial Inn Resort property.  It’s close and easy to do.  Paddle board under the London Bridge or just hang out in the cove at The Nautical with the rest of your spring break crew.  Hourly rates are available.

If you really want to spend your spring break on the water what better way than to rent a boat.  The Nautical Water Sports Center also has a boat rental office.  You can rent the boat and pick it up already on the dock and ready to go.  Half day and full day rates are available.  Spring Break is best spend on the lake and renting a boat is the perfect way to explore Lake Havasu.

Spring break is so perfect because it comes in the middle of the semester when you’re just about burnt out and ready for a vacation.  Happy travels and if you’re heading to Lake Havasu City for your spring break enjoy!

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