Scandalous Thursdays

Unknown 11 - Scandalous Thursdays

TODAY is the day people.  If you watch ABC you know what TGIT stands for.  If you don’t, allow me to enlighten you… TGIF or as it’s better known THANK GOD IT’S THURSDAY.  Thursday may just be the best night in all of television.

Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder.  One great show right after the other.  Scandal is my personal favorite.  I have watched Grey’s Anatomy and HTGWM but am not caught up on either.  The HTGWM season 1 that I watched was so so good but got a little crazy for me at the time.  I think it will be a show that I catch up on on Netflix soon.  I think I may even have every episode on my DVR.  I did watch the first couple seasons of Grey’s Anatomy but for some reason stopped watching and now I feel like I’m so far behind it would be hard to catch up.  But it too will be a show I catch up on Netflix one day (hopefully soon).  But Scandal is my ride or die.

Scandal is about Washington D.C. “fixer”.  Olivia Pope is played by Kerry Washington and she plays it amazingly.  She helped Fitzgerald Grant become elected President of the United States.  She doesn’t just fix problems thought, Olivia Pope fixes people.  President Grant played by Tony Goldwyn is equally amazing and together they just make you root for this unconventional couple.  For some reason while watching Scandal you are hoping their affair continues.  It is just so good!!

Thursday night is literally the best night of television.  Catch it on ABC!

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