Paddleboarding on Lake Havasu - Nautical Watersports
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Paddleboarding on Lake Havasu

Paddleboarding on Lake Havasu

It’s almost February! Only one more month until the wave of Spring Break 2014 begins to crash through Lake Havasu City! Soon the channel will be crowded with tons of boats and the sound of music will resonate through the English Village. The weather has been extremely nice throughout the winter, and many of the local residents have been soaking up as much sun as they can. Take advantage of the serenity and calmness of the lake over the next month before Spring Break 2014 begins by trying something new – paddleboarding!

Paddleboarding on Lake Havasu is an excellent way to spend some time in the sun and enjoy the perfect the weather. The Nautical Watersports Center is proud to offer the premier paddleboard rental service in Lake Havasu City. The beautiful 12’ boards accompanied by a top of the line carbon fiber paddle allow children and adults of all ages easy access to navigating the waters of Lake Havasu.

Lounging in the middle of lake, having a safe and fun race through the channel, and exploring the beautiful scenery under the London Bridge are only the beginnings of the experiences paddleboarding on Lake Havasu has to offer! Paddleboarding on Lake Havasu is also an extremely effective workout. Take a day off from the gym this weekend and rent some paddleboards for the family from the Nautical Watersports Center to have a day filled with fun, activity, and togetherness!

February is a great time to take advantage of this great weather. Paddleboarding in Lake Havasu is the best way to enjoy the water with friends or family before Spring Break 2014 arrives. The Nautical Watersports Center would love to send you and your family out on the lake for a good time. Try something new this weekend! If you’re ready to experience the waters of Lake Havasu in a new and exciting fashion, please visit our paddleboard rental page.