Now on DVD

So many good movies are coming out on DVD this fall.  I am such a movie person, I love everything about the movies.  Popcorn, cold dark theaters, comfy seats, and a great flick…but watching your favorite DVD’s at home has it’s perks too.  You can have endless snacks of your choice, pause the movie for bathroom breaks, and watch and re-watch at your leisure.  Since I didn’t make it to the movies a ton this past year I am so excited so many movies are out on DVD this fall.

My personal favorite was Cinderella.  Disney redid their classic animation movie in realtime with real people.  It was absolutely magical.  As a fan of the original classic I was hoping Disney would stick close to the original story line and characters…and did they ever!!  It was so perfect.  The characters were kept true to the original and so was the story line.  The pumpkin turned into a carriage and even Gus Gus was a real life mouse just as it was in the movie.  The Fairy Godmother was even more spunky than I remember and the glass slippers were just as beautiful as I pictured.  It was a home run for Disney fans everywhere.

A movie I wasn’t able to see in theaters that is out this fall is Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.  Inside Out is such a cool concept and as a lover of animated movies I cannot wait to see this!  It’s about a young girl named Riley who moves and because of the move her emotions go a little crazy while trying to make sense of this new place.  Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness are all characters in this creative movie that is bound to be different and awesome all at once.  Inside Out is due out on DVD October 13 and on Blue Ray November 3.

Also, totally unrelated, Scandal just started back up…there is just so much goodness on TV in the fall.  If you don’t watch Scandal you better start now!

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