Sunglasses are a must, pretty much everywhere you live but especially if you’re a desert dweller like us.  I have a couple go to sunglass brands but recently I’ve fallen in love with Vonzipper.  Vonzipper is edgy yet classic, unique yet wearable, and fashion forward.  “Lifestyle Eyewear” as they are called is exactly what they are…Eyewear for any occasion and any lifestyle. My current pair are Vonzipper Lesmore.  They retail for $100.00 which for a
Fall can mean different things to different people.  Fall can mean friday night lights and college football on saturdays.  It can mean back to school, cooler temperatures, or leaves changing color.  Fall means all these things and with all these cooler changes come seasonal treats.  My point??  The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back and Starbucks and it’s as amazing as ever. Now this comes from some one whose not really a coffee person.  I had
Chicos Tacos…it’s pretty much on of my favorite places to eat in all of Lake Havasu City.  It is delicious mexican food, quick and easy, and great service.  I have been frequenting Chicos Tacos since I was in middle school.  Let’s get to the menu! My usual go to entree at Chicos Tacos can be found on the Kids Menu.  They have pretty big portions so ordering off the Kids Menu is plenty of food
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It’s that time of year…Fall (well almost) time in the rest of the country means cooler temperatures and friday night lights but when you live in Arizona fall still means you have a couple more months of hot temperatures.  But we still have the Friday night lights and all the other great stuff that comes with back to school.  Lets get down to my favorite places to shop for back to school. Target.  Target is
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Recently, a friend introduced me to a website/newsletter called The Skimm.  The Skimm is a daily political newsletter that briefs you on the most recent news.  You sign up via email for the daily newsletter and each and every day you wake up to a round up of the most important stories. The Skimm for the most part seems to me to be unbiased.  At least they try their hardest which I appreciate.  Every now
Being a new momma I recently came across this group called Fit4 Mom.  Actually if I’m being totally honest my husband found and signed me up for it…go him, he’s awesome.  But I am the one who actually went to my first class (and subsequently couldn’t walk for about a week).  Its such a great idea I wish I would have thought about it. Dang it! Fit4Mom is a national organization for pregnant women, moms
The best time of the year is upon us…Summertime.  Summer brings with it many great things but also a whole new set of challenges.  Hydration is key to helping your body survive the scorching temps.  Possibly the second most important thing you can do for yourself is to protect your skin with sunscreen. Sunscreen…  I know I know…you’re forever being nagged to wear your sunscreen.  But really, it’s probably the most important thing (besides water)
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Happy (almost) Independence Day America!! Every year, no matter what is going on in this country of ours, everyone comes together to celebrate the 4th of July.  What a wonderful time of year!! This year, like most, there will be a huge celebration of our country in Lake Havasu City.  Thousands of people gather in our little lake town to relax, enjoy the summer heat, soak up some sun, and catch some fireworks.  Every 4th
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It’s officially summertime in Lake Havasu City! That means warmer temperatures and more time spent out on the lake or by the pool.  If you have little ones, or really kiddos of any age, swimming lessons are a must.  You want your child to learn to love the water not fear it.  Most importantly, you want your kiddos to be able to swim on their own so they never find themselves in a dangerous situation.
Yesterday I went to the busiest In N Out in the whole world…Literally.  Word to the wise, don’t ever go to the In  N Out off I-15 in Las Vegas.  But anyways, it was just as delicious as it always is.  In N Out Burger prides itself on not using any ingredients that have been frozen.  Fresh ingredients are used and potatoes are cut right in front of our eyes to make those french fries
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