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If you didn’t even know a store called Paper Source existed…join the club.  Until recently I didn’t either…not it’s my new favorite place.  Paper Source isn’t as boring a store as it sounds like it may be either.  It’s actually a really cool store with lots of fun little gifts, crafts, decorations, and you guessed it…PAPER! Who knew?!

I came across Paper Source while trying to put together invitations for a couple life events I’ve recently had. You see, I’m not the most creative person…and I’m certainly not crafty.  So Paper Source is the perfect place for someone like me because they take the guess work out of holiday decor.  Paper Source has a whole Fall Decorating Ideas section on their website and in their stores.  You can buy little kits to make somewhat handmade and unique crafts like wreaths.  They also have kits to put together adorable Pumpkin Garlands and other festive garlands.   Paper Source also has really cute little sign decorations that you can either hang or simply set in different places around your house.  Paper Source is a great spot for little details.

Paper Source is also a great spot for stationary.  Whether you’re looking for greeting cards, thank you cards, or personal stationary Paper Source has you covered.  You can purchase stationary and have it personalized or have your envelopes embossed with your return address.  These little touches are great and not everyone takes the time to do these types of things anymore.  It just makes your letters a bit more personal and special.

If you are in need of a gift for someone and just not sure what you should get them Paper Source is a great place for unique gifts.  Paper Source gifts range from personalized journals and notepads, stocking stuffers, gifts for kids, gifts for her, and gifts for him.  They even have a whole section on for gifts for a host or hostess.   It’s just such  a great store with lots of great ideas!

Paper Source was also a great and easy way to get invitations done for an event.  They have all sorts of different paper to choose from and corresponding envelopes too.  Your invitations can be as simple or elaborate as you hoped.

Paper Source is a great place for those of you crafty people and those who weren’t blessed with the crafty gene like me:)

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