Let them eat (Cup)cake!

small cakes - Let them eat (Cup)cake!

Let them eat cupcakes!  Not just any cupcakes people…Smallcakes.  Smallcakes is a new “Cupcakery” (I really love that term) that recently opened in Lake Havasu City in January 2015.  Now I love me some cupcakes, so I basically counted down the days til they opened their cupcakery doors.  Embarrassing I know! Now lets talk some cupcake details.

After appearing on “Cupcake Wars” season one, two, and seven, Smallcakes became wildly popular and in high demand.  Franchises have been opened up around the country including in our very own Lake Havasu City.  Over 18 signature flavors (we’ll get into my favorites in a moment) are baked and frosted to perfection every morning. They also have a different special cupcake daily!

I may or may not have already made it through two or three buy 12 get 1 free Smallcakes cards…no judgements please!  And no I do not eat all these cupcakes myself…I mean come on guys.  Cupcakes are the perfect treat to grab when you have friends or family in town or a birthday or anniversary to celebrate.  Or if you are like me and like to celebrate a random monday because hey who doesn’t like to celebrate being alive…am I right?!

Moving on to favorite flavors! The flavors I have tried are: Pink Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, and Caramel Crunch.  My moms favorite flavor is the Lemon Drop.  My husbands favorite is the Famous Red Velvet.  My personal favorite is the Caramel Crunch.  It’s a delicious chocolate cake with caramel frosting, filling, and topped with sea salt and pretzels.  I pretty much love anything salted caramel so when I saw this I knew I had to try it.  It never disappoints. These flavors are baked fresh at Smallcakes daily, but in addition to their usuals they have daily specials.  These specials change weekly.  Last week I tried a Banana Cream Pie cupcake and let me tell you this cupcake gave my Caramel Crunch a run for it’s money.  It was so delicious I wished I had gotten two.

So this may be my most fat kid post yet but hey…I’m a new mom who loves herself some sweets! Also, I think I’d make a great food critic don’t you?!  Lucky for us Smallcakes is now open on McCulloch in Lake Havasu City.

P.S. I got caught up in my flavors and forgot to mention they have ice cream, cakes, and ice cream sandwiches too!

P.P.S. I also forgot to mention that they now make a Smore’s cupcake too!!!!

favicon - Let them eat (Cup)cake!