Lake Havasu SWAT Spring Break

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The early days of March are often some of the most exciting times in Lake Havasu City, especially for the spring break crowds. Starting March 10th, spring break events hosted by SWAT will commence, and there will be many memories to be made and stories to be told. SWAT (Summer Winter Action Tours) is a company that has shared a great partnership will the city of Lake Havasu. The company has done an amazing job of recognizing Lake Havasu’s party potential and appeal to college students seeking for a spring break hot spot. A Lake Havasu City SWAT Spring Break Package allows young adults all over the country to experience the fabled Lake Havasu City spring break adventures first hand.

So what exactly does one of these spring break packages entail? Most importantly, a three night hotel stay is included in the package in order to sleep off a crazy spring break night. Upon waking up, those participating in SWAT can enjoy some music at one of the various beach concerts or have some fun playing games like king and queen of the beach. The fun doesn’t stop once night rolls around, it’s just getting started! The nightlife of a Lake Havasu SWAT Spring Break adventure is perhaps the best part! Every Monday and Wednesday night, SWAT hosts a themed party spring breakers can attend before moving the crew to a club like Kokomos or going out to the bar! A Lake Havasu City SWAT Spring Break package does also provide one more essential item to make a spring break in Lake Havasu City complete – access to the water!

Taking a boat out with some friends or cruising on some jet skis is an awesome way to have some fun during the day. The Nautical Watersports Center is the premier rental company in Lake Havasu City and would love to contribute to the fun of a Lake Havasu SWAT Spring Break by sending you and all your friends out on one of our pontoon boats! The package provided by SWAT comes with a VIP boat parking slip for the Nautical Resort and Hotel which is conveniently STEPS away from the Nautical Watersports Center’s docks! To see all the boats and jet skis we have available, or to make a reservation that will guarantee a memorable Lake Havasu SWAT Spring Break experience please visit our rental and reservation page. The Nautical Watersports Center is also located directly under the legendary Turtle Bar and Grill. After you’ve had an exciting day on the lake with one of our rentals, have lunch and check out some bathing suits and suns glasses in the Nautical Watersports Center’s Boutique! A Lake Havasu SWAT Spring Break should be one of the best weeks of your life, and the Nautical Watersports Center would love to help make that happen!

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