Lake Havasu City Winterfest

Lake Havasu City Winterfest - Lake Havasu City Winterfest

These “winter” months are quickly coming to an end! Soon Lake Havasu City will be living up to its reputation with business booming and the lake life thriving. The month of February is the only thing standing in the way. But don’t fear! There are some fun activities taking place during this exciting month! Take advantage of some awesome events taking place NOW instead of waiting!

The 29th annual Lake Havasu City Winterfest is taking place February 8th and 9th! The event will begin at 10 a.m. both days and will be taking place on iconic McCulloch Boulevard. Lake Havasu City Winterfest is open to the public and is welcoming of all ages! Bring the entire family! Different vendors from around the country will have booths set up to present their wares for your shopping and browsing pleasure. Among the events taking place over the weekend are crafting sessions, home décor designing, and sampling a beer garden! There are plenty of activities for the kids including horse riding, a bouncy house, and carnival style games!

If you get hungry while participating in all these exciting activities, Lake Havasu City Winterfest’s location is prime for visiting one of the many local restaurants along McCulloch Boulevard. In addition to the restaurants, street-fair style food will be served to accommodate the spirit of fun and feast. Family, food, and fun: what more could you want?

The weather seems to know Lake Havasu City Winterfest is on its way! There is no chance of rain for the outdoor event and the temperature looks to be contributing to this beautiful weather. Get everyone up on the mornings of February 8th and 9th to experience some family fun in beautiful downtown Lake Havasu City. The culture and atmosphere of the event will accommodate the memories of a perfect weekend being made with the family.

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