Lake Havasu City Bassmaster Tournament

Lake Havasu Bassmaster Tournament - Lake Havasu City Bassmaster Tournament

Lake Havasu plays host to an array of events including the World Jet Ski Championships, movie productions, and spring break events. However, some very interesting and fun occasions that often get overlooked are the numerous competitive fishing tournaments. The Lake Havasu venue is so lucrative and enticing for fishing tournament organizers that this weekend it will host the San Diego Bassmaster Tournament.  This San Diego club sponsors ten fishing tournaments per year with six in-county tournaments and four “away” tournaments (one of them always being Lake Havasu). Each of these tournaments allows the participants to gather points, and standings are revealed at the end of their fishing year with the winner receiving a prize at the annual awards banquet. If you are a California native that just happens to be visiting Lake Havasu this weekend and this club interests you, information on joining can be found at the San Diego Bassmasters website.

The Lake Havasu City Bassmaster Tournament should also be a great opportunity to bring the faimily down to the lake and watch the events while you relax by the water. Headquarters for the tournament will be located at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 4. While it may be hard to wake up at 5:30 a.m. with the participants, weigh-ins begin at 3:00 p.m. so head down to Windsor 4 the afternoon of March 28th and 29th to see some of the biggest fish swimming in Lake Havasu!

If all this fishing hype is inspiring your own urge to get out on the lake, then a boat or jet ski rental from the Nautical Watersports Center can help turn your weekend into a fun time on the water! The Nautical Watersports Center’s pontoon boats are an awesome option for those with a license to take the family out on the lake and see what you can fish up! Maybe you’ll bump into an exciting catch during the Lake Havasu City Bassmaster Tournament!

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