Gilcrease Orchards

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Keeping with the Pumpkin Patch season, I had to tell you about our recent trip to Gilcrease Orchards.  Gilcrease Orchards is in Las Vegas (so a short 2 hour drive from Lake Havasu City).  It’s really an easy drive and worth it to the the family to Gilcrease Orchards…if only for the apple cider donuts!

This weekend we took a trip to Gilcrease Orchards and it was nothing short of fantastic.  The place was crawling with families and kiddos of all ages.  Families pushing strollers, baby wearing, and even pulling kiddos in wagons.

Gilcrease Orchards is a picturesque farm in the outskirts of Las Vegas.  It was a nice escape from the city as it didn’t even feel like we were in Vegas anymore.  Gilcrease Orchards is a farm that grows produce all year round (while we were there we also saw watermelon growing!!).  It is an amazing property.  The farm was started in 1920 by the Gilcrease family.

Known for their apple cider (it’s their signature item), their cider is made from a variety of apples grown on the orchard.  It was absolutely delicious and ice cold for a warmer fall day.   They also have apple cider donuts!  These were a selling point for me and man they didn’t disappoint.  I think I ate an entire 6 donut order by myself (they are tiny donuts).

Besides the delicious food, Gilcrease Orchards was a great time with my family and friends.  A nice little escape from the city and a fun way to get some fresh air.  We walked the property, they have hay rides too! We picked out pumpkins and took lots of gorgeous pictures with the beautiful scenery.  Gilcrease Orchards made for a fun saturday!

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