Fall TV Lineup

Unknown2 - Fall TV Lineup

One thing fall definitely has on summer is the return of all the best TV shows! That’s one of my least favorite things about summer…there is literally never anything on TV.  Granted, for the most part that’s because summers are for spending your days outside BUT if you find yourself stuck inside for any reason you better hope you have Netflix! So this brings me another reason I love the fall season! The return of the Fall TV Lineup!

I have been giddily awaiting this week with anticipation!  I keep seeing previews of my favorite shows and they always leave you with a start date that feels forever away.  Here are some of my favorites, and if you’ve never seen them, well theres still time to catch up before the new season starts!

Scandal on ABC starts September 25! This is my end all be all of my Fall TV Lineup.  My sister and I have recently been rewatching season 3 so when season 4 starts it is fresh in my memory! Lame?…maybe. But yes it is THAT good! Olivia Pope and her gladiators will no doubt take on their fair share of challenges this season.  I’m dying to know if she ends up back with the President of The United States or with Jake.  I know he’s married but somehow I still hope she goes for the President.  This is what Scandal does to you!!!

The Voice is also coming back soon.  The new season premieres Monday September 22.  This season there are two new judges.  Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will be joined by newcomers Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.  Now, I love me some Gwen but I don’t know much about Pharrell.  So I’m hoping watching this season makes me really like him.  Either way, I love The Voice on NBC and the talent involved.

The Blacklist on NBC is a new show but I am obsessed.  I think last year was the series premiere and I faithfully watched the entire season.  Ex CIA agent turned rouge Blacklist mystery man Raymond Reddington takes on the worlds most dangerous criminals with the help of the FBI and one agent in particular Elizabeth Keen.  While I’m still unsure of the relationship between Mr. Reddington and Ms. Keen I cannot wait to see this season lay it out.

See so many great shows so little time!! I can hardly contain myself!


favicon - Fall TV Lineup