Fall in Lake Havasu City - Nautical Watersports
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Fall in Lake Havasu City

Fall in Lake Havasu City

I thought I would start off the fall season by talking about my top 5 favorite things to do pretty much all year round.

1.  Growing up in a lake town… Well, of course we spent our time on the lake! Early release days at school meant an afternoon spent on someones parents boat! We wakeboarded (or tried), tubed, and soaked up all the sun we could til we had to be home by dinner time.  Even in the fall and winter, a quick cruise on the boat is just good for the soul…and all you need is a sweatshirt.

2.  Delicious hidden gems like Chicos Tacos.  To this day, when I go home to visit I eat at Chicos Tacos.  I don’t know if it’s THAT good or just one of those places filled with wonderful memories, but it holds a special place in my heart…and my stomach.

3.  Fall evenings spent playing sand volleyball.  I love beach volleyball.  Many a summer and fall nights were spent down at Rotary Park meeting up with friends and dividing up into teams for a sand volleyball tournament.  I was actually better than I thought!  And yes it was still warm enough to do this well into November.

Which brings me to number 4!

4.  The weather in this little lake town of ours is pretty nice year around.  So this means sand volleyball almost year around, boat cruises in the winter, and hiking even in december.

5.  Speaking of hiking, this little lake town of ours has some pretty picturesque hiking hot spots.  Saras Crack is toward the south part of Havasu, and you can hike down to the lake until you reach the water.  Table Top is literally a table top on top of a mountain in south Lake Havasu City.  You can either hike (or should I say mountain climb) straight up or take the trail (which I’ve done).  But be fore warned if you’re afraid of heights…you may want to steer clear of Table Top.

Moral of my story…there are lots of great reasons to love this little lake town all year long.  It’s just full of a certain wonderfulness unique to a small town.  It may be a lot quieter during the fall and winter months, but between the cool lake air and the sunshine all winter long, Lake Havasu City is still quite the place to be.