Unknown 2 - DADA

You didn’t know Jimmy Fallon was an author did you?? Add that to the list of talents Mr. Fallon has!  DADA is a children’s book Jimmy Fallon wrote.  It is the most genius children’s book ever.  I am serious…It is short, sweet, to the point, full of adorable little illustrations.  It is by far my kids most favorite book.

DADA was inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s daughter Winnie.  He wanted her first word to be “Dada” so he went to great lengths to make that happen.  DADA is filled with different parent animals and their babies and their corresponding sounds.  The Dad cow says “Dada” and the baby cow follows with “moo”.  In normal baby fashion they all say the opposite of what their parents wants them too.  And in normal Jimmy Fallon fashion he ends the book by saying Winnie’s first word was “Mama”!!

This book is just my absolute favorite because my kids enjoys it so much.  I mean, I am on my 4th time reading it today.  DADA is really just the perfect children’s book.  It’s colorful, loud, short, and extremely kid friendly.  There isn’t so much for them to focus on that they can’t just enjoy the story.  Dada is also not overly long so kids loose interest.  It’s is a job well one by my favorite tonight show host!


favicon - DADA