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Pumpkin Patchin’

Besides cooler weather and back to school, October and November bring a couple of amazing things to fall.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are obviously at the top of the list but in addition to holidays, October and November bring warm apple cider or hot chocolate and if you’re lucky, Pumpkin Patches.  Pumpkin Patches are so fun for kids of all ages (yes i mean 1-92)… On October 24th and 25th the Lake Havasu Professional Firefighers Association […]

labor50011 - Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching us.  In Lake Havasu City, Labor Day means one last weekend of boating and floating, sunbathing and drinking, and celebrating on the lake.  It’s one final hoorah marking the end to yet another amazing summer.  Let’s take a minute and find out what exactly we are actually celebrating! Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September.  Its a day to celebrate the creation of the labor […]

images1 - The London Bridge

The London Bridge

I have lived in Lake Havasu City since the 7th grade and still I can’t seem to recall much history about The London Bridge.  I mean, I know the basics…It was brought over from London (obviously), there’s that whole song “London Bridge is Falling Down” (who hasn’t heard that??), but really what is the history behind it all? I decided to find out! So here’s a little boring history for ya.  The London Bridge used […]

PapaLeonesExt 370x250 - Papa Leone's Pizza

Papa Leone’s Pizza

In our last post we introduced you to some amazing places to eat in Lake Havasu City.  A lot of them were places you may not know about unless you spent some time exploring!  Papa Leone’s Pizza is one of those special places unique to Lake Havasu. Easily accessible while you’re on the water, Papa Leone’s Pizza is the perfect place to grab food while out on the lake.  Delicious pizza isn’t the only thing […]

Lake Havasu City London Bridge 370x250 - Lake Havasu City London Bridge

Lake Havasu City London Bridge

The iconic Lake Havasu City London Bridge attracts thousands of visitors every year to peer over its edge into the calming waters of Lake Havasu. The London Bridge is marvelous structure, and many wonder about how it arrived to the city of Lake Havasu. The original London Bridge, made famous by its cameo in the “My Fair Lady” song, was constructed nearly 800 years ago in London! Before it graced the waters of Lake Havasu, […]