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Recently I did some shopping at the Nautical Watersports Center Boutique.  Every time I wear what I got from the boutique someone compliments my outfit! Every time.  I have never been a huge Volcom fan, for some reason.  Not that I didn’t like their stuff it’s just I always ended up with something different.  Lately, I find myself drawn to everything Volcom. The last time I was at the Nautical Watersports Center Boutique I got […]

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We’ve covered bikinis and men’s clothing…now lets talk boardshorts!  In Lake Havasu City in the summer boardshorts  are a staple in our little fashion world.  Whether your going to the lake or headed to the gym.  Yes…I’ve seen people wear boardshorts to the gym. Now I wouldn’t recommend it but remember to each his own.  My point? Boardshorts have become more than just something you wear to get in the water so you better make […]

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If you’re a man and let’s face it, half of you are, then my last post about bikini’s probably bored you to death.  Well one of my favorite brands, especially for men, happens to be Hurley…and Hurley happens to have come out with the coolest line of Dri-Fit stuff for all my men out there.  Hurley teamed up with Nike…seriously a match made in Heaven! Hurley has always been one of my favorite brands.  Whether […]

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The Nautical Watersports Center Boutique

While this “winter” weather has been extremely nice to Lake Havasu City, the perfect springtime weather everyone appreciates is right around the corner! You know what that means; time to get back out on the lake! Hurry down and visit the Nautical Watersports Center Boutique to experience the warm weather on Lake Havasu in style!   For all the ladies out there who like to rock those bikinis, the Nautical Watersports Center has a fantastic […]