California Baby

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California Baby is an amazing company that started because a new mom wanted shampoo safe enough for her baby to use.  As a new mom, I can totally relate to this.  You want only the best for this new precious tiny human of yours.  By the time I came across California Baby they had over 80 pediatrician and dermatologist tested and recommended products.  These products range from hair products to skin products for babies, kiddos, and “sensitive adults”.  I love that because I use a lot of their products too and it’s always nice to be included on the label.

California Baby products are made in the United States in a FDA registered and certified organic solar powered facility.  All of their products are allergy tested and free of dairy, peanuts, and soy.  One of the things I love about California Baby is that it is easily found at Target.  Which is where I do most of my shopping.  Target has a great selection.  The California Baby product I probably use most is the Calendula Cream.  California Baby Calendula Cream is a rich made from a calendula flower which has been used to soothe skin for centuries.  This cream can be used for the face and body and even diaper area of newborns and older.  I have even used it as facial moisturizer.  It is moisturizing without being greasy.  I also love the California Baby Calendula Everyday Lotion.  This is a lighter version of the cream.  Its great for everyday use, or if your an adult with oily skin it’s a great facial moisturizer.  Thats what I love about this company.  I can use the products on my baby and myself.

California Baby has everything you’ll need from shampoo and body wash to lotion to eczema creams.  It’s a great dependable company and I just adore everything about them! Another great thing about this company is that they offer sample packs on their website so you can try the products out before you commit.