4th of July in Lake Havasu - Nautical Watersports
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4th of July in Lake Havasu

4th of July in Lake Havasu

Every year about this time families gather in Thompson Bay to celebrate our nations Independence Day!  As the sun goes down over beautiful Lake Havasu the sky lights up with the most gorgeous display of fireworks.  Spending 4th of July in Lake Havasu has been a tradition in my family since I can remember.  We would take the boat out early and find the prime firework watching spot on the lake and wait for the celebration to begin.  Some amazing childhood memories were captured, and I’m pretty sure my parents and their friends didn’t have a bad time either!

There just isn’t anything like 4th of July spent on the lake…and there REALLY isn’t anything quite like spending 4th of July in Lake Havasu.  You can see the fireworks from just about anywhere.  Watch by boat, seadoo, on the beach, or at the bar!

Taking a walk under the London Bridge will also serve as a memorable experience if you’re spending 4th of July in Lake Havasu.  The London Bridge Resort isn’t far if you want to grab a bite to eat or a drink after the fireworks.  It really can be an all night affair.

Now, let’s talk food.  Shall we? You can’t just expect to watch the fireworks without a little snack! Every year 4th of July in Lake Havasu still makes me think of Scotty’s Chicken.  I’m sure at some point there will be an entire blog dedicated to the awesomeness that is Scotty’s Chicken BUT for now I will just tell you that it is the most amazing broasted chicken you will ever try…in your life. In my opinion at least. And the best thing is you can take it to go! Let me just tell you, there is no better way to watch fireworks on the boat than with some Scotty’s Chicken! But don’t take my word for it…try it for yourself.  If chicken isn’t really your thing (which who doesn’t like chicken) there are plenty of restaurants to visit before, during, or after your 4th of July in Lake Havasu celebration.  Just off the top of my head there is: the Turtle Grill, Shugrues, Barley Brothers (you’ll wanna try the cheese fondu), Javelina Cantina, Papa Leone’s Pizza (which also deserves its own post).  All of these places are really close to the water so you won’t miss any fireworks!

With all this food talk I probably have you pumped for 4th of July in Lake Havasu, but what if you’re missing a very important piece to this ever so perfect puzzle? Are you in need of a boat or jet ski for the weekend? The Nautical Watersports Center is located right on the water in Thompson Bay.  Our boats are already on the water and ready for you so there’s no hassle.  Make this 4th of July in Lake Havasu one you won’t forget!