2015 Fall Fun Fair

Unknown1 - 2015 Fall Fun Fair

Halloween is fast approaching.  One of the events in Lake Havasu City in celebration of fall and Halloween is the 2015 Fall Fun Fair.  The 2015 Fall Fun Fair is held at Rotary Park from 3pm- 8pm and promises to be a great time for the family.  Admission to the Fall Fun Fair is free and tickets for games are only $00.25.   It’s such a great way to spend the day with the kiddos, family, and friends.  In addition to being a great way to spend your Saturday, the money raised goes to support local schools and non-profits.

When going to a Fall Fun Fair you should be festive right?? Lets talk costume ideas for those excited kiddos.

Pirate.  A Pirate is a great Halloween staple.  Pirates can be boys or girls and can range from creative to simple.  Surprisingly, some of the kid pirate costumes I’ve come across are very realistic and fun!

Princess or Prince.  Most every little girl or boy dreams of being a prince or princess at one point or another.  There are some really amazing prince and princess costumes you can find online.

Mermaid.  I mean because why not?? You live in a lake town and are always on or by the water right?? A mermaid is perfect and so fun and different!

Whatever you decide to wear or even if you decide to not dress up at all you should still check out the 2015 Fall Fun Fair.  It will be a great time for the family and proceeds go toward good causes.


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